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Limited Edition Czech Match Box Art Poster 85 of 240 Zoo Praha Polar Bear

Limited Edition Czech Match Box Art Poster 85 of 240 Zoo Praha Polar Bear

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Amazing print depicting famous match box designs by various artists from Czechoslovakia.

This one a advertising of the Prague Zoo ( Zoo Praha ) & the polar bears there.

Each print is printed on wood free ivory fleece 250mg/m2 & is a numbered limited edition this one being 85 of 240 prints.

In perfect mint condition.

A little history on the where the matchboxes actually came from. They come from a factory, called Solo Sušice. The actual manufacturing of matches in Sušice started in 1826 & they only became known as Solo after 1918, when five entrepreneurs from Austria & the Czech Republic came together. Solo were quite the normal matchmakers at first, but soon grew to become one of the largest matchmakers in the world.

Solo Susice factory between 1920-1930
Original design "SOLO SCHLÜSSEL" patented in 1902
Matchbox production in 1950

After WWII, the company was nationalised, & although the factory remained in Sušice, the head office moved to the capital of Prague. The company had been developing through the years, constantly modernizing their way of production - leading to a very intensive production: 100 million matches a day.

Most of them were exported to different countries all over the world, and they continued to be a the leading manufacturer, but no matchmaker has ever quite had the eye for design as Solo Sušice. 

Height 40cm, Width 30cm.

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